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An unbelieveable homecoming…

Well, I have finally made it back home safe and sound! I know I have been missing in action but A LOT has happened in the past week. My journey home was nothing short of a nightmare – or a horrible written 90’s film. My mom and I were among the thousands of people whose flight was cancelled at JFK in New York. It was a nightmare. Our flight out of London took off an hour later than scheduled due to the fuel pump pumping at a snails pace. From JKF we were scheduled a connecting flight immediately upon arrival. So in my head I thought it would be better to not sleep on this 8 hour flight so that I can reset my internal clock and knock out when I get home. Which was going to be around midnight Friday. When we arrived at JFK we had been told that we missed our flight, then told it was cancelled. We then like hundreds of other people had to stand in line for hours to even speak with someone. One couple I talked to waited 12 hours for their turn.

We were fortunate that we found someone that helped us without having to do that. But he did lie to us. He said he had gotten us on a flight leaving in the morning, and said that once we got to the gate we would be assigned a seat. All the hotels were sold out so we had to stay at the airport. Where I did not sleep cause I was worried about my things “disappearing”.  So the morning comes around we go to the gate and find out we were not put on the flight but wait listed. With the 150 people who were supposed to be on the flight the night before. I was pissed! So we spent the day waiting and going back and forth between  gates waiting to see if our names would be called. The worst part was the service! No one from the airline would speak with us. It took a lot of patients but we did make it home safe which is all that really matters. And the fact I will never fly with that airline again!

So I arrived home Sunday to an unbelievable surprise! While we were gone my dog Coco had puppies! On New Years Eve around midnight she delivered 3 little girl puppies. This was not planned at all! In November my mom had taken her over to a friends house, which she often did cause Coco and her dog play. Well Coco the little hussy that she is, snuck over to the neighbors house to visit her boyfriend and well now we have three new puppies!  Expect tons of updates. After dealing with that bomb, it was time for me to already go back to school Monday morning bright and early. My apologies for falling short of my blogging duties but as you can imagine its been a crazy start to the new year. I am excited to see what else is to come!

20140106-164021.jpg20140106-164103.jpgOur lovely airport accommodations.DSC_4225The puppies! 20140106-163953.jpg From left to right; the little one is Bean (She’s the runt), Nordi, and Gidget.20140109-135434.jpg20140109-130342.jpgThis little nugget is Gidget. And yes, I know, I need a mani. But I’ve been a little busy.


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The Worlds Greatest Christmas “Card”

One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting (in the mail) Christmas cards! You know the ones your mom usually forced in to taking back in the summer. It is always something I look forward to receiving, and I’m sad I’m not home to see who sent what this year. I have noticed that over the years that less and less people are actually evening doing those anymore. If they are it’s no long sent via your local mail service but email. (BORING) I could just check-in with you on your constantly updated social media page. For me I like the being able to have something tangible its more meaningful to me. It’s also fun to break out the ones from years past and see the changes among the different families. But I recently came across this video that has to be the greatest holiday mood booster ever! Being a film student I know this video took a lot of work to put together, and it is just so stinking cute! I’m okay if this is the direction “holiday cards” are going in, I’m not okay with they completely disappearing. Just because we can instantly update our friends and family via social medias I think its important to send out those family holiday cards. They really mean more to people then you would think. But this year this family gets the cake for best Christmas “card”! Check it out for yourself:

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To the Moon and Back!

Today is very special to me because it is mine and my honey’s anniversary, although we are apart I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Near the Charles Bridge in Prague there is a small gate that people place love locks on. So I thought I would add our own lock of love. This is for you love, thank you for being my best friend and biggest fan! I love you to the moon and back! ❤

ImageImageImageImageDSC_1093ImageImage ImageImage

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My First Time

Today was a very peaceful Sunday. My roommates and I spent the morning relaxing around the house and then went to a very cute cafe. Where we got pumpkin and gingerbread lattes. They were so good! They even did a design in the foam. I have not had the best luck here finding a decent cup of jo. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my coffee and its been a struggle not having any. First off, I haven’t mastered Czech yet so I can’t get specific on my order, second non fat is almost nonexistent and for someone who is lactose intolerant, its not pretty, and third soy milk is like a unicorn – hard to come by. So we both were very happy to feed our coffee cravings-FINALLY! After the cafe our Czech buddy took us to a huge plaza. This mall was literally five stories tall, it was great! In this plaza they had a Topshop, which is a pretty popular store. My Czech buddy could not believe that I had never been to one so she insisted on popping my cheery! I’m glad she did because I got the cutest pair of shoes. On sale too! So for all my friends back at home basking in the sun while I’m freezing here, nee-ner-nee-neer! 🙂