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Let it be, go on and set her free.

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Someone recently asked me, “How does it feel to see the world?” As I slung the strap of my camera around my neck I replied, “I’ll show you, it’s simply in front of you.”

We mustn’t become bogged by the things that once were and could have been. The world is ran by only one constant – change and even that isn’t consistent. So when the time comes for things to change, and it will, let it be, go on and set her free.




After Oktoberfest the girls and I took a day to explore around Munich. It was quite interesting to compare the atmosphere there to the feel of Prague. Munich seemed to be more alive, the people were very inviting and lively. Our first order of business was brunch! Which we ended up having at this very traditional German restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very ‘Mom and Pop’ it felt as if we were guest in the owners home. I had a delicious pumpkin soup, which helped me accept that fall has officially arrived. After brunch we visited Munich’s central square where the Marienplatz is located. This was where markets and tournaments were held in the Middle Ages. Located there is this tower with figures that dance and play music every day a certain hours. From the square we strolled through the buzzing streets and came upon this farmers market, where I found a delicious young Italian wine. Apparently this is the season for young wine, and though you can drink it like lemonade I was warned not to drink too much cause it ferments in your stomach which will cause a very delayed buzz. So I bought two bottles for the road. From the farmers market we made out way to St. Peter’s Church which has a tall tower (that you can pay one Euro you can hike up 300+ stairs to get to the top of) and see a panoramic view of the city. I’ll admit the view was worth the hike and the tush exercise. We ended the day with some froyo, and I wouldn’t of had it any other way cause I have been craving it! Yogourtland is certainly on my list of places to visit when I get back home! ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! Me and my roommates took a trip to IKEA. I have never used so much public transportation in my life. Where I’m from we hop in our cars and take off to where ever we wish to go. Here, we had to take the tram to the metro and then a bus. I know understand why people here travel lite. Cause we had to carry all out shit that we bought at IKEA all that way back.

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DSC_0633Oh, and this would be my roommates camera… Her sunscreen leaked in her bag. Thank goodness we had rice… It worked!

How are you spending your Sunday?