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My new hat…

I am leaving Florence with a new hat. I love hats because it is the easiest way to cover up the fact you just didn’t do your hair that day. Especially, if your traveling throw it on and go. I got this hat at the street market in Florence, I even got it for a deal- I’m a haggler. You have to, or else you will get taken advantage of. That is something I have learned while traveling, the second locals realize you are a tourist, especially an American, they hike up the price. So I say as little as possible just to throw them off, use what local language I can, then (BAM) shock ’em when I speak perfect English after I’ve gotten my deal 😉 I myself once worked in retail, had a quota and a threatening manager, so sure you’ll do what you have to in order to keep your job. Along with selling people things they probably don’t really need – case in point why I no longer work in retail. I bring that up because my mom was off looking at somethings on her own, and I was observing from a distance the gentleman trying to scam her. She was looking for authentic goods made in Florence, every time she would ask he would say “Oh, yes, sure!”. He practically had is hand in her purse paying himself. So I walked over to see the tag and they were in fact goods from China and Persia. That’s when we walked away, but they can be so pushy but as a touring customer always remember you have the right not to be hustled or cheated. But what do you think about the hat? ImageImageImageImageImage


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See Ya New York – Europe Here I Come!

I had such an amazing weekend in New York! I met so many interesting people from all walks of life.
So many different types of people all existing in an electric city that they aren’t even fazed by one another.
IMG_1228 IMG_1231

While in New York I got to see one of my childhood friends perform on Broadway. He was Fearro in Wicked! Wicked is defiantly one of my favorite musicals, next to Spring Awakening. It was a real treat to see him perform on Broadway!

IMG_1239 IMG_1249

On Saturday my honey and his best friend (who lives in Manhatten) just explored the city and shot some really cool footage. We visited; Central Park, So Ho, Brooklyn, China Town, Little Italy. I made it a point to avoid all the touristy things and see how a real New Yorker lives. I gotta say it was very fast paced, go-go-go, something I think we lack back home in SoCal. Anyway stay tuned for some videos they’ll be coming soon! Here are the rest of my pictures from my New York Trip.


Beagles with the boys to start our day.

Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 12.48.08 PMA shot of what we shot.

DSC_0505 DSC_0506

It was in Columbus Circle where I discovered Smack FU! It was the most modest/entertaining toy/game I have ever played. I literally played in the park for about an hour. Just having a ball playing with some disks and feathers. I will admit I wasn’t very good at it. Every time I would swing I would miss, but eventually a crowd came along and a whole group of us strangers were playing this game. It was something magical.

DSC_0509DSC_0519 DSC_0520

DSC_0502 DSC_0498 DSC_0495DSC_0487 DSC_0493    IMG_1257    IMG_1266


As much as I wish I could stay in NYC its time for me to head to my final destination – Prague.

Wish me luck!