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Happy New Year!

It’s time to say goodbye to 2013, you’ve been very good to me! I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store. Tonight I will be ringing in 2014 in Paris. If you had told me a year ago that this is where I would be I would have never believed you. Goes to show all you can achieve in a years time. ❤ I wish you all a safe and hopefully memorable night, and I’ll be seeing you soon 2014…



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My new hat…

I am leaving Florence with a new hat. I love hats because it is the easiest way to cover up the fact you just didn’t do your hair that day. Especially, if your traveling throw it on and go. I got this hat at the street market in Florence, I even got it for a deal- I’m a haggler. You have to, or else you will get taken advantage of. That is something I have learned while traveling, the second locals realize you are a tourist, especially an American, they hike up the price. So I say as little as possible just to throw them off, use what local language I can, then (BAM) shock ’em when I speak perfect English after I’ve gotten my deal 😉 I myself once worked in retail, had a quota and a threatening manager, so sure you’ll do what you have to in order to keep your job. Along with selling people things they probably don’t really need – case in point why I no longer work in retail. I bring that up because my mom was off looking at somethings on her own, and I was observing from a distance the gentleman trying to scam her. She was looking for authentic goods made in Florence, every time she would ask he would say “Oh, yes, sure!”. He practically had is hand in her purse paying himself. So I walked over to see the tag and they were in fact goods from China and Persia. That’s when we walked away, but they can be so pushy but as a touring customer always remember you have the right not to be hustled or cheated. But what do you think about the hat? ImageImageImageImageImage


Vienna waits for you…

…a lyric made famous by Billy Joel in his song Vienna, never really made sense, until this past weekend. The cafe culture is really big in Vienna, in fact it’s expected that you’re probably going to there at least an hour or two. Coming from the California where everyone is constantly moving to avoid wasting time, I’ve really had to slow down and dig for patients. Which has been nice, but as it is my attention span can be short and when the espresso kicks in I’m ready. But in Vienna, like Italy, its part of the culture to go to a cafe and “rent” a table and hold a conversation with a person; who actually sits in front of you. Gee, what a concept. To think people actually still communicate face-to-face. Okay, all sarcasm aside that is one of my favorite things about Europe. Grab a cup of Joe and enjoy some more pictures from my weekend in Vienna. DSC_2416 Continue reading

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Took a trip to Firenze, Italy! Another one of my favorite places. Its been about 2 years now since I first came and like Roma just as magical as I remembered. It rained but that’s okay cause there’s nothing like standing in front of this beautiful piece of history, the Duomo enjoying life. It almost looks to perfect to be real.

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To the Moon and Back!

Today is very special to me because it is mine and my honey’s anniversary, although we are apart I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Near the Charles Bridge in Prague there is a small gate that people place love locks on. So I thought I would add our own lock of love. This is for you love, thank you for being my best friend and biggest fan! I love you to the moon and back! ❤

ImageImageImageImageDSC_1093ImageImage ImageImage

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Piano Piano

Spread throughout Prague are these street pianos for passerby’s to play. The concept originally came from the project; Play Me, I’m Yours. The project is intended to challenge the prohibition of playing music in public places without special arrangement. It prompts members of the public to use the piano, regardless of skill and popularity. I sure as hell can’t play anything more advanced the chopsticks but I love stopping to watch other people play.

PianoOldMan image(1)vsco_8