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My new hat…

I am leaving Florence with a new hat. I love hats because it is the easiest way to cover up the fact you just didn’t do your hair that day. Especially, if your traveling throw it on and go. I got this hat at the street market in Florence, I even got it for a deal- I’m a haggler. You have to, or else you will get taken advantage of. That is something I have learned while traveling, the second locals realize you are a tourist, especially an American, they hike up the price. So I say as little as possible just to throw them off, use what local language I can, then (BAM) shock ’em when I speak perfect English after I’ve gotten my deal 😉 I myself once worked in retail, had a quota and a threatening manager, so sure you’ll do what you have to in order to keep your job. Along with selling people things they probably don’t really need – case in point why I no longer work in retail. I bring that up because my mom was off looking at somethings on her own, and I was observing from a distance the gentleman trying to scam her. She was looking for authentic goods made in Florence, every time she would ask he would say “Oh, yes, sure!”. He practically had is hand in her purse paying himself. So I walked over to see the tag and they were in fact goods from China and Persia. That’s when we walked away, but they can be so pushy but as a touring customer always remember you have the right not to be hustled or cheated. But what do you think about the hat? ImageImageImageImageImage



Cause in the end, it always works out.


Today was a big reminder of how important it is to fight for what you believe is right. I have spent the past several months struggling trying to get a course situation resolved and it has finally come to a resolution! I have been going back and forth and back and forth trying to get someone to hear me out, understand, and see what was happening was not right-and they finally have!

It is unbelievable, how much power another person can have in making decisions that will effect your life. Especially wither you graduate on time or not. But what seems to be even worse is that there are people with power that couldn’t care less if their decision would set you back. I’m not talking about politicians with national power but small town directors, or office admin professionals (not that they are not important, but there are some people in charge of certain regulations that take their power above and beyond and abuse it!).

Anyways I thought I’d share a little update/reminder. Those that know me personally, know what a stressful ordeal it has been for me. I am so happy that things have been made right. to my fellow students don’t give up cause in the end what is meant to be will be. Just being here in Prague, with so many other students has made me realize that it’s not just me! There are so many other students struggling with similar situations. I just hope that I can share some inspiration to not give up. Don’t take no for an answer. And eventually things will fall into place as you continue to believe they will!

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Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! Me and my roommates took a trip to IKEA. I have never used so much public transportation in my life. Where I’m from we hop in our cars and take off to where ever we wish to go. Here, we had to take the tram to the metro and then a bus. I know understand why people here travel lite. Cause we had to carry all out shit that we bought at IKEA all that way back.

 DSC_0635 DSC_0636 DSC_0637 DSC_0639  DSC_0648




DSC_0676DSC_0670                 DSC_0673 DSC_0655

DSC_0633Oh, and this would be my roommates camera… Her sunscreen leaked in her bag. Thank goodness we had rice… It worked!

How are you spending your Sunday?