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My First Time

Today was a very peaceful Sunday. My roommates and I spent the morning relaxing around the house and then went to a very cute cafe. Where we got pumpkin and gingerbread lattes. They were so good! They even did a design in the foam. I have not had the best luck here finding a decent cup of jo. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my coffee and its been a struggle not having any. First off, I haven’t mastered Czech yet so I can’t get specific on my order, second non fat is almost nonexistent and for someone who is lactose intolerant, its not pretty, and third soy milk is like a unicorn – hard to come by. So we both were very happy to feed our coffee cravings-FINALLY! After the cafe our Czech buddy took us to a huge plaza. This mall was literally five stories tall, it was great! In this plaza they had a Topshop, which is a pretty popular store. My Czech buddy could not believe that I had never been to one so she insisted on popping my cheery! I’m glad she did because I got the cutest pair of shoes. On sale too! So for all my friends back at home basking in the sun while I’m freezing here, nee-ner-nee-neer! 🙂





Interviews & Some New Friends



Today I had another internship interview. This time it was for a PR position at company that uses the various media outlets to provide developing countries news media. Being abroad and away from my closet isn’t the easiest thing when you need to look professional. But I was able to bring some key pieces (like my blazer) and put this little outfit together. However, I was drenched by the time I showed up because it started to pour on my way there.

                     DSC_0697 DSC_0695

This is Molly, who is one of my new friends here in Prague. She’s from Colorado and just has one of the most positive attitudes. (I really like that about her). She is very down to earth and always smiling – it’s kind of contagious in that way. We thought it was so funny that we both were color coordinated for our different internship interviews (and no we did not plan it) but we had to show you.

Below is Molly’s partner in crime Alanna and together they are the cutest thing. The two of them share a passion for hula-hooping, and spreading good vibes. These two are a hoot and a half (as my mom would say). They sure make learning Czech a lot more fun. Part of the program here in Prague we are required to learn Czech and so for the next to weeks that’s pretty much all we will be doing. Let me tell you it is not easy! But I’ve enjoyed getting to meet so many different people from all over the states.

DSC_0698  DSC_0684