An ordinary blog about a not so ordinary girl


DSC_0764faceOhhAshley.com is a personal blog about me, Ashley. A twenty-something Southern California native. I began blogging this past summer when I found out I was going to be spending a semester abroad in the Czech Republic. I wanted to create a living scrapbook where I could share my new experiences with my friends and family, along with whoever else was interested. SOME of my favorite things include; coffee, glitter, laughing, instagraming, deep conversations, all things film, and making up my own words. Oh, and taking pictures of strangers 😉

You may be wondering how I came up with the title of my blog and there are a couple of reasons. The first reason came to me when I was thinking to myself the reasons why anyone would want to even follow what I have to share, then it hit me how many times I hear people say “Oh, Ashley” usually after I’ve said something off the wall or done something like drop my keys down an elevator shaft, or be searching for my sunglasses that are on top of my head. Which let me tell you happens quite often. I wasn’t really born with a filter, but I was born with a lot of drive and a big imagination that helps me come up with great ideas… at least I think so. The second reason is because that phrase played a part in how my parents decided on my name. They were on their honeymoon at the time, on a cruise. The person in charge of coordinating the events was an outgoing, spunky man named Ashley. According to my mother anytime he would enter a room it would light up and the audience would chant “Ashley, Ashley, ohhhhh Ashley”, and apparently his light and personality that made people laugh and happy which inspired my parents to name me Ashley. I only hope I’m living up to the name.

I often say that I’m living like a season, changing with time; so I welcome and hope you enjoy my ever changing seasons.


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